Writing great content is an art and a science. After all of these years of having been told about our “gift of gab,” the “silver tongue,” and a variety of other euphemisms that probably weren’t meant to be kind, we have finally found a purpose to meet our passion for words.

With 15 years of experience in writing marketing plans, proposals, sales materials, and web content, we know what it takes to articulately drive home our message. Writing web content is, in its essence, really no different. We focus our content writing with the same basics that we would with any great sales material. Our content writing focuses on an emphasis of speaking directly to the target customers needs and interests, articulating the features, advantages, and benefits and focusing on calls to action in order to drive conversion.

In addition, effective content writing is one of the most powerful tools a website an use to improve its organic SEO efforts. As any savvy web marketer will tell you, while there are best practices to ensure your SEO ranks well, the truth (at least in Google’s eyes) is that content is king!  We write with the mind that content is a tool to help your site get found by the right customers and in the right searches.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you craft your content in order to deliver your message to your customers and improve your sites rankings.