Blog writing is a very important component of any successful marketing strategy because blogs are an amazing way to announce current news and promotions, to give a personal voice to a corporate identity, and they also serve a very important SEO function.  Blogs are a cheap, simple and effective way to grow your business on the web but the only downside is that they do take time and dedication.  As we are all busy running our own businesses, it becomes harder and harder to “get around” to sitting down and writing about your new product or sharing a recent accommodation that your business received. In addition, every time you write a blog, it should be contributing to your sites overall brand identity and web presence.  That’s why we offer our blog writing service, to help create a strategic and consistent way to stay on top of this important component of your web presence.


So Why Does a Blog Matter?

To put it simply, search engines love blogs. Why? Because blogs are typically the home of a sites most fresh content which makes them well indexed and crawled by bots because search engines are always looking for the next best thing. A core belief of our web design philosophy is that a website should become a living, working part of a business’s marketing efforts. It is not likely that any business is doing the same thing over and over every day but that is what a website may portray if you aren’t sharing what you are doing with the world. This is where a blog can be a powerful tool for you to talk about your current news, promotions, and updates. By sharing about what’s new in your business, you not only create new, fresh content, but you are also creating new sales opportunities – a double whammy for your web presence.

In addition to contributing fresh content to a site on a consistent basis, blogs can also be huge contributors to your organic SEO because they are well crawled by search engines. By being a trusted source of fresh information to the search engines, your blogs contribute to your organic SEO strategy because they present new opportunities to create inbound links to index additional, deeper pages of your site. In addition, they present another opportunity to add in very keyword specific, targeted content to raise your visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). For example, if one of your product landing pages isn’t performing well or showing up in the results with your competitors, a blog post that links to that page and that includes a wide variety of targeted keywords presents a new opportunity to increase that landing page’s rankings.

A blog is also a great way for you to create a more personal “voice” for your business. When we do business, we like to do business with real people and a company website may not always share the real personality of the business behind it. Corporate culture can be a powerful part of your brand image but we often find that our presentation on the web is always to put forward our most formal and professional presentation.


Our Services

Sweet P Web Development can take over your blog writing strategy in order to help you make your blog communications targeted, consistent, and in-line with your internet marketing strategy. We can help you to not only create great SEO with your blog, but to also build upon your brand with a “voice” that matches the corporate culture that you want to communicate to the world.

Need help with your blog? Contact us today and we can help to figure out a plan that works for your needs.