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Theming a Specific Drupal Node

By February 13, 2013August 15th, 2023No Comments

So Drupal is super flexible and sometimes, when trying to find a simple answer to a simple problem, things get way too detailed. For example, I wanted to change the background image on just one page of my site but not get into creating an entirely new content type and a custom node template, etc. So after hours, I dug and dug and finally found a simple answer… and I couldn’t even find the post that helped me with the answer to credit the source when I went back because it was so buried in technical answers that over complicated what I was looking for.

So you can simply copy the main node.tpl.php from your theme folder and make modifications and then simply rename it to target that specific node using Drupal 7’s naming conventions. In Drupal 7, simply add two hyphens (–) and the the node ID after the preceding node.

In my example, I was building node/32 and I wanted a custom background. So I simply copied node.tpl.php for my theme, saved the file as node--32.tpl.php, and added the specific DIV’s and CSS that I needed to work with…. Et voila.

Don’t forget to clear the theme cache!

Another helpful note, if you are just doing this to add some text, maybe not the most efficient way but you will also need to add the text to the template in a php format:

<p class=”example”>
<?php print t(“This is example text.”); ?>