We were excited to help when we were approached by a local magazine publisher for E.P.I.C. Magazine, a leading spirituality and community oriented magazine. E.P.I.C. Magazine needed a flexible and robust platform that would allow them to continuously add new content as they expanded their published content. They also needed the flexibility to deploy a branded and consistent website experience to new communities as they franchised new publishers across the Southwest.

As with any content publisher, one of the unique challenges is how to present a wide variety of information in a simple and intuitive layout so that the reader can easily navigate the site while E.P.I.C. can help direct them through a conversion funnel depending their interests. So we built a robust, clean and flexible website that allows us to leverage large amounts of unique content while still targeting distinct customer segments including readers, franchisees, and advertisers.

We think it turned out great and offers a great user experience while primarily focusing on the clients conversion needs. Let us know what you think!

Check it out at www.EPICmag.org

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