Another one of the first sites we did was, a site for a local mental health therapist – Anna Freeman, LPC.  Anna approached us because she was ready for a fresh look and we couldn’t agree more that as the web evolves, so should a business’s website… is a site that is built for ease of use for both the business owner and site visitors. It is designed with a focus on content and on search engine optimization (SEO), it is designed to stand out in order to help visitors find it in a very saturated marketplace. There is also a focus on creating a simple, intuitive backside of the site is to make it very easy for the owner to add and change content in order to keep the site fresh.

Durango recently underwent a full site redesign including moving over to a more user-friendly platform.  We redesigned this site with a focus on user-friendliness, clean design, responsive content (meaning it looks great on all devices, including phones), a lot of cool web 2.0 features such as great hover effects, CSS3 and HTML5 structure, and most importantly, it has thoroughly optimized content to stay competitive in a saturated field in Durango.

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